Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to the World!!

I was sooo fortunate to photograph the birth of a dear friends baby girl today! Pearl Patricia was born at a heafty 11 lbs 5 oz and my friend delivered her as if she was half that size!
Congratulations you guys! Pearl is a blessed little girl to be apart of your amazing family!

Click HERE to see the slideshow!


Bethany Marie said...

The birth of my children were the best three days of my life.
How neat that you got to experience a new life coming into the world.
And that you captured images that they will treasure for a lifetime.
I want to do that! :)

Great job!!!

Also, I clicked on the slideshow link, but it didn't work.

jpandtheboys said...

The pictures are beautiful as usually. I really love the first one but seriously just gorgeous. I was praying for you guys all day. Glad to hear that everything went quickly and smoothly.

Bridget said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! You did an awesome job!! Alicia and Scott are so blessed to have you guys in their lives!

I can't wait for your photo blog to have Joey and Rachels baby!!!! That too will be a wonderful blessing of a day!

susanc said...

lovely photos Miss and she truly is a toddler...what a wonderful experience for you :)

Delena said...

How beautiful. Good for them for hiring such a talented photographer for such a special event.

Sarah said...

I forgot that you have a photo blog now--I'm so glad that I was reminded by my Google reader! :) These pictures are great, along with all the other ones I've been looking at!