Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Joe and Rita

Rita and Joe were SUCH a great couple! They had all of their pictures taken at the Refuge Golf Course...such a great place. They even let us be ON the greens! =)

Thank you so much Rita and Joe for allowing us to be apart of your day! Here is your slideshow! Enjoy!

It was a WINDY DAY!! But, as they kept saying...AT LEAST ITS NOT RAINING! =)

Look at this gorgeous church

Flirting with her groom!
They were so sweet together. It was SO fun to watch Joe with her because it was so obvious how much he adores her!


Sarah said...

I love the last one...the angle, the color, the perfect distance....

susanc said...

I like the big sky one...they are all great but that is a standout for me :)

Delena said...

I agree! I love the last one, too. You are so talented.

jpandtheboys said...

There were many pictures that I loved. I really liked the picture of the bride and groom at the ceremony and they are still but you created movement around them! You know which one I am talking about?? Well done... I want you to teach me!! ;) I agree with Susan too, the one where they are on the green and the sky is all big around them it's very beautiful.