Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Steve and Sarah

This was the entrance to their church...isnt the wall amazing?

The grooms brother praying with his little girl before they walked down the aisle!

The bride and groom are framed in the window of the door and off to the right, thru the crack of the door, is the brides brother...the one being deployed shortly

Steve and Sarah planned this wedding in THREE WEEKS! (they moved the wedding up when they found out her brother was going to be deployed)
You would have never known by being there. The dresses were made by someone in Cambridge in 2 weeks and they were GORGEOUS!! Sarah's sister in law made the flowers (her first time, didn't she do an amazing job?). I was totally impressed! The best thing of all is that everyone was so relaxed!

Steve and guys were ADORABLY sweet to each other. Steve, every groom should look at his bride the way you spent the day looking at Sarah!

I am so glad it worked out for me to join you so last minute! Here is your slideshow!!



Barbara said...

It was beautiful! Where did they get married?

Miss said...

They got married at the north campus of Bethleham Baptist...its in Roseville said...

Great job with Sarah's wedding pics, Melissa! So fun to feel like I was there.

Tiffany Izatt said...

What a great place to shoot. I love the wall!