Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah and Al

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by far one of my favorite pictures of all time! Isnt the look on the grandmas face as they kiss over her priceless??!!
The "voltron" (hand made by her brother!) Made up of pieces to represent the unity of two families and two individuals

Sarah lost it at this point...her tears made ME want to cry!

Look at the amazing arbor they were married under...again, her brothers work!

They are kind of silly!

She is even expressive in her shadow!!

I have been to so many weddings over the years that I have lost count. And, although they are ALL unique in so many ways...this wedding was BY FAR the most unique!

For starters, Sarah walked down the aisle to people playing the Kazoo! The ceremony was VERY interactive...complete with a "whooping and hollaring" instructional speech given prior to Sarah walking down the aisle. Sarah SANG her vows! They had a VOLTRON!! They had chainmail wedding rings and to top it all of, they had a pinata!!

Thank you so much Sarah and Al for entrusting us to capture the uniqueness of your happy day!
Here is your slideshow!

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jpandtheboys said...

I love these! The picture with them kissing under the arbor is stunning. I can understand why you love the grandma picture, it's PRICELESS! You should submit it into a contest. It's quite hilarious. :)