Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is Jake.
I love Jake.
Jake is my cousin.
Isn't he super super adorable?! =)
He came all the way from South Dakota just so I could take his senior pictures.
THANKS JAKE! (and Julie!!)

Mill City cool is this place?

Are you booing or cheering at this photo? =)

Lauren....this picture is for you! I can just imagine it will make you laugh as hard as it made me laugh! =)
I love you guys!


Barbara said...

Man he is a good guy!!! The last one made me laugh too!

Rachel said...

I'm totally laughing at the last picture :)

and I love them all! Great job!

And I LOVE the pictures of Ashley and the kids!!!

Barbara said...

Okay - that is suppose to say "Man he is a good looking guy!" He is of course also a good guy!

Amber and the boys... said...

He is definatly from your mom's side! I can tell! So great!