Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Joe and Casey

Their adorable little girl....how sweet is that; helping her mom put on her shoes!

Casey cracked me up with her faces all day long! I LOVE them (being one who tends to make a face or two myself!)

She is saying "I am about to get married!!!"

Oh man...do you think they are in love?!

Joe and Casey,

You guys were SO wonderful together. Thank you so much for having us there....it was SO wonderful to see the gentleness you guys shared with one another. The love was SO obvious.

Enjoy your slideshow!

-Melissa and Bridgit

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BG said...

Thank you so much for capturing my daughter's day in perfection! We could not be happier with the results - you did exactly as we asked you to do. Who said you don't have talent - your talents are very apparent to me. Bless you both!

Brenda Grandahl