Friday, October 24, 2008

The Glines Fam

This is Woody, Jen, Olivia and Paige. They are my family! I LOVE taking pictures of my family.
Thanks guys!!

does ANYONE deserve to have eyes this blue?? =)

Woody and Jen sent them on a "red leaf hunt" to distract the girls while I took their pictures. They were proud of their thinking b.c all the red leaves were gone, which meant the girls would indeed be distracted for awhile....little did they know! =)

Aren't they SO cute! Jen has the best laugh and Woody is just plain cute

This picture makes me laugh OUT LOUD whenever I look at it!

Olivia is the QUEEN of faces


Sarah said...

I LOVE these pictures!

Rachel said...

I love them!! Every single one :)

I think captured paige and olivia perfect!