Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monte and Kami

Monte and Kami,
Your wedding was unique in so many ways....I absolutely loved watching how you guys interacted as a couple and now a new family. The love between (all 6 of) you is undeniable. Thank you Thank you for allowing us to be able to photograph your precious day.

Here's your slideshow!!
-Melissa and Bridgit


Me & My Braley Boys said...

Those are gorgeous! My mom saw some of this at the wedding and came back and told me and Ryan after I am back to my normal size I have to get into my dress and he in a tux and re-do our wedding pictures! :)

Barbara said...

I cry easily but not usually at wedding pictures.

You always do an amazing job of capturing the day but these pictures reflect so much more than capturing a day.

My heart felt every emotion possible watching the slideshow. All the way from heartache to hope & joy but most of all God's incredible love. I am going to pray for this new family.

I know Kami only a bit but enough to know she has a huge heart - full of love just bursting to give. I look at those beautiful children and believe she will selflessly give it to them and Monte.

God's blessings on you Kami, Monte and children.

Mimi said...

How funny!!! My name is Kami too!! I don't see that often! Your pics are beautiful.