Sunday, March 22, 2009

Greta and Kyle

Greta and Kyle are an amazing couple. I have know Greta for YEARS and have NEVER seen her as fulfilled as she has been the past two...since meeting Kyle. They seem to truly complete eachother!
The ceremony was incredible...complete with Greta singing to Kyle. Oh man, we were ALL crying! Greta has one of THE BEST voices of anyone I know...but there was something magical about hearing her sing to her soon to be husband!

I LOVE how annimated Greta is!

This is an unusually blue sky for March in Minnesota! Isn't it fabulous?!
there is something about this picture that totally cracks me up!

I can't get over the great way she is holding on to him!! Do you think they are in love?!
Greta and Kyle,
Thank you THANK YOU for asking us to be apart of your day! Greta, I love you so much and am BEYOND happy for you and Kyle!!
For some reason I can not get the slideshow to link, it is ENJOY!
-Melissa and Bridgit


Rachel said...

Amazing. Truly. Greta looks beyond fabulous and you captured both of them SO WELL! their love is contageous!!

jpandtheboys said...

I love love the second one of Greta. So beautiful. I also love the last one on the two of them, they way you edited it is beautiful. :) Marvelous job as always you guys.