Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anne and Frank

Look how cute they are the first time they saw eachother for the day!! I love how she just walked up and stood right next too him =) A bit flirty if you ask me!
They got married on St. Anthony Main...what a GREAT place!

This group of guys had me in TEARS half the day they made me laugh SO hard!!When they wanted pictures of their "same socks" they didn't just pull up their pant legs...they tucked them into their socks! And then, of course, walked around for some time like that!

I love the lighting on the stairs as they waited to enter the ceremony...this is one of the ring bearers

how CUTE is that look she is giving him?!

The happy couple...just married!!

Congratulations you guys! You were a made me laugh the entire day and I LOVED spending it with you!

Here is your slideshow!!

Melissa and Bridgit

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