Friday, July 10, 2009

Jessic and Zach

Jess and Zach got married at the Earle Brown Center on a PERFECTLY made summers day! Their ceremony was full of music by his sisters and the day was filled with laughing and hugging and kissing by EVERYONE around!

I love the sun coming through this picture!

quietly awaiting the walk down the her groom...who she will see for the first time

This is THE first moment they had alone all day! I LOVE the big.huge.hug they are about to give each other! Its as if they need to try to reach as big as they can to make sure to hug as big as they can! =)

I can not remember what is going on here, but he was VERY proud of something he had accomplished! =)

Oh you guys...THANK YO so much for having us there! You were awesome and we had a GREAT time! Here is your slideshow!

-Bridgit and Melissa

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