Monday, June 16, 2008

Brian and Amy

We met up with Amy and Brian in a teeny, tiny, farming town called Binford, ND!! It was an adorable place surrounded by amazing, green fields everywhere.
Amy and Brian were so fun to spend the day with! They made me laugh and even cry when Brian sang! (he sang to her...and then his BROTHERS sang to them too! I was crying all over the place!)
Bridgit and I both said we hope our boys grow up singing together after hearing Brian and his brothers! =)
You guys were so is your slideshow and have a GREAT time in Pennsylvania! =)
-Melissa and Bridgit


jpandtheboys said...

Brilliant! I love your pictures. They never cease to amaze me. I can why you liked these pictures so much. Wonderful job my talented friend. ;) said...

These photos are wonderful, Melissa. Darling couple and great use of all those rural backdrops. Love them! You keep me inspired. :)