Monday, June 23, 2008

Ken and Shawn

I had the privilege of photographing Ken and Shawns wedding this past January...and then they decided to have some summer photos taken too!! My husband and I met them in Stillwater and spent several hours taking pictures, talking and even having Starbucks together. It was a GREAT evening.
Ken and Shawn are some of the most laid back, easy going people. Ken is a professional wrestler and travels almost every weekend, meaning his time at home is sparse. THANK YOU for using some of your time to hang out with us!!
Here is your slideshow!
-Melissa (and Bill!)


Sarah said...

These are so awesome! I can tell that you had fun taking these pictures!

jpandtheboys said...

THe pictures are beautiful. It looks like everyone had fun! I love your lighting, & perspective!! Could they BE any cuter?? I don't think so.