Monday, September 1, 2008

Angie and Mike

The gorgeous Superior Shore

Angie and Mike LOVE dogs...they had their two adorable little ones carry the rings down the aisle!

Sharing a bit of frosting goodness!

Mike and Angie got married at Blue Fin Bay Resort in northern Minnesota. It was a spectacular day! This was an especially fun wedding for us to be apart of as Angie is the sister to my brother in law! So, we knew most of the people involved!
It was an intimate wedding made up of family and extremely close friends. We feel blessed to have been able to be apart of the day. Thank you guys...I hope Italy was as fabulous as you hoped!
-Melissa and Bridgit


Sarah said...

You ladies did a great job of taking full advantage of the beautiful setting for the wedding. The pictures are wonderful! Congrats, Angie and Mike!

Milestone Memories MN said...

Angie looks amazing! Chip hasn't changed and I forgot Joey did the ceremony! Beautiful setting!