Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A day in the life of YOU

I am SUPER excited to be introducing my new family sessions called "A day in the life of YOU"

My absolute favorite thing to do as a photographer is to capture emotion, spontaneity, relationships...LIFE.

And, being a mom of 5, a wife of 1, a daughter to 2, a sister to 3, plus a whole bunch of "added on" family =) I LOVE LOVE family

So, I am combining my love for all these things into my new way of doing family sessions.

I come to you, you hang out, you do life as you normally do...and I photograph.

Right now, if you book by the end of March (the sessions don't have to be scheduled in March) you will receive $25 off the session price!

I can't WAIT to capture you doing life.....

I love a little girl in mama's shoes!

Its a boy thing...right?

mama's always surrounded by little ones...not matter what she is doing!

helping make lunch

I LOVE this one...look at the baby sister in the background. Just standing and wanting to be big too!

with little kids, someone is always doing something

Isn't it great when papa visits?!

Here is the entire slideshow!

Family sessions start at $125! Please email me at ms@momentsintimemn.com to book! Remember, if you BOOK before the end of March, you get $25 off your session!


jess said...

This is an awesome IDEA!!! I totally feel like our life is much too boring for anything like that!

Barbara said...

How many kids were there?? It looks like several! Great pictures.

Moments In Time said...

NO ONES life is too boring...thats the great thing about life. It represents WHO we are, making it fascinating!!