Monday, March 1, 2010

look at these eyes!

and then a littler (and by littler, I mean younger!) version! He is still trying to wake up!!

this little man just doesn't like to be laid on his they have adapted and diaper him this way! =)

patiently waiting....

"Tinga" (swahili for bulldozer) needed some persuasion from daddy to head in the right direction! thus the little dancing I got to see!

winter does NOT keep a Minnesotan away from the play ground

this picture cracks me up....her legs dangling

He couldn't get his footings in the snow...he kept slipping!

Dad is tired....he just got off his weekend shift and is now just needing to relax! =)


Sarah said...

BEAUTIFUL little kids! LOVE these!

Barbara said...

Cute kids! Great pictures:)